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CSA is inviting anyone to our open house to come and learn how YOU can fly gliders and soar with our club. FREE entry for all guests, and join in our raffle for FREE glider rides. BBQ. Videos and lots of gliders – we’re expecting lots of visiting gliders from our friends at Greater Boston Soaring Club as their airport is closed for the Sterling Fair. Gliders will be competing in an Cross Country soaring contest, providing training for club members, and rides. Come watch the gliders, parachute jumpers, and more!


Saturday Sept. 12th

  • 8:00 Setup ground support equipment EZ ups, tables, chairs, base station, info stand, and display glider Coffee Donuts Pastries

  • 09:00 Stage training gliders for instruction and rides (start flight ops early if able)

  • 10:00 Start flight operations Rides/instruction/member flights Will fly throughout the day. Spot landing (early), Max Altitude Gain, Longest duration (later)contests.

  • 11:00 First Free Ride raffle at CSA informal intro meeting (Might change the free rides to first come first served instead of raffle depending on the turnout since we are only doing one day) Start grilling for OLC pilots, members and guests burger/hotdog chips and a drink for $5 final price TBD

  • 12:00 OLC launches as conditions permit

  • 14:00 Second Free Ride raffle at CSA informal intro meeting (See first meeting note)

  • 16:00 Prepare for returning OLC flights

  • 18:00 wind down flight operations and secure equipment

  • 19:00 Pot Luck Dinner/Drinks

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