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FAQ: Service

Am I too young or too old to learn flying? Can I learn it without previous experiences?

One can solo as young as 14. And there are no limit on upper bound on your age:) No previous experiences are required.
In our club, there are junior and senior students, and we come from various careers: IT, manufacture, army, education etc. In fact, the diversities are one of the most fascinating parts of this sport.

Is there a limit on the size or weight of passengers?

Because of the small size of the cockpit we can’t safely accommodate anyone over 6 ft – 1 in. tall and / or heavier than 220 pounds.

Do you offer rides to the public?

We offer rides to the public with the hope of fostering an appreciation for gliding, general aviation, and attracting new club members.

How can a glider fly without an engine?

Most of the gliders need help to  get up in the air, though there are some gilders having engines and can self launch. In CSA, we use aero-tow to get gliders up into the air: a towplane tows the glider to a certain altitude.

However, once the glider is up in the air, it can fly itself. Most of the gliders have glide ratios from 20-30, meaning, if you’re 1 mile high, it can glide for 20-30 miles. Besides, gliders can still climb after release from towplane using air lifts(thermal or waves). For experienced glider pilots, they can stay for hours or as long as  they want.

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