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August 31th Soaring

by David Mackenzie

  After a somewhat slow start last Saturday morning, we got things rolling and had 22 launches. In the morning Bill worked with David on his Biennial Review, and then with Peter Morse while David flew with Doug Saunders.

Peter Morse is launching

Doug Saunders in 2-33

Joe Palmisano had been doing the towing, but Scott arrived mid-afternoon and after a flight in the 1-34, took over the tow duties allowing Joe to make a few flights.

Joe is ready to tow

Scott is doing pre-takeoff checklist

We were anticipating Victor's arrival around 2 o'clock, but as the time moved toward 4, we were increasingly concerned and about to call out Search and Rescue when he arrived. After two flights , he  began the BBQ set-up. Things continued: Joe flew  the 2-33, and Bill flew the 1-34 twice, under the watchful eye of bride Christy. Making it look like it was no big deal, Kasia soloed the 1-26.  (Ho hum).

Kasia Flying 1-26

  We stopped flying just about 5:30 and adjourned to the FBO lawn, where Victor had been preparing steaks, ribs and chicken wings, accompanied by, among other things, potato salad, coleslaw, penne pasta salad, fruit medly, cookies - all-in-all, more food than humans should be allowed to eat. But we did.  A beautiful sunset capped a beautiful day for CSA.

Thanks to Chef Victor for taking on the job of planning and assembling the excellent BBQ. It was good to see John Koptonak, Mark Herman, Ed O'Connel, Bill's wife Christy and Joe's wife Judy among the earth-bound. Stephen Williams was a stalwart as usual, but he has become spoiled after his 2-hour flight awhile ago: he chose not to fly, saying if it doesn't look like he can stay up for at least an hour, he would pass. He was right; the longest flight of the day was only 28 minutes.

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