2-33A (N2930H)

Two-seat Glider

Our Schweizer 2-33A is the mainstay of our instruction and rides programs. It is a two-seat airplane – with passengers and students normally riding in the front seat.

2-33A (N1228S)

Two-seat Glider

The new addition to our fleet is a second Schweizer 2-33A. Having the second two-seat airplane gives us the ability to better accommodate the volume of students and riders we have on beautiful Connecticut soaring days!


Single-seat glider

The Schweizer 1-26E is a metal single-seat glider and the aircraft our students “graduate” into after solo. It can fly more efficiently than the 2-33 allowing the pilot to stay up longer and travel farther.

1-34 (N1164S)

Single-seat glider

Our Schweizer 1-34 is the newest addition to the CSA Fleet.  A higher performance (34:1) glider, the 1-34 is perfect for pilots who want to take the next step in their flying.  It is easy to assemble and disassemble and we are sure it will be popular for outings like Wurtsboro, Springfield, VT, and Mt. Washington!



We use aero-tow (using a powered plane to tow the glider) at CSA to bring our gliders to soaring altitude. Our towplane is a Piper Pawnee – an airplane originally designed as a cropduster but also popular with banner tow companies and glider operations like us!

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