We offer rides to the public with the hope of fostering an appreciation for gliding, general aviation, and attracting new club members.

 We currently have only one aircraft for taking up passengers and non-solo students – our Schweizer 2-33A.

Scenic and introductory flight duration depends on the wind conditions and lift we find. A typical flight lasts around 30 minutes from takeoff to landing.

For safety and complying with all applicable FAA regulations, we can’t fly when it is foggy or where we would risk running into clouds. However, some clouds are good – the best lift is often underneath building cumulus (puffy) clouds!

Because of the small size of the cockpit we can’t safely accomodate anyone over 6 ft – 1 in. tall and / or heavier than 220 pounds.

We offer several introductory ride packages:

  • Introductory scenic ride – $129
  • FAST (Fly a Sailplane Today) intro flight with flight manual and logbook-$139
  • 3 rides including lessons, 3-month membership in the national SSA, and you can manipulate the controls – your first step to becoming a pilot – $199

You can purchase a senic ride directly from CSA or purchase a FAST package from the SSA website through the FAST program. See the links section for a link to SSA.

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  • Tom Picinich says:
    April 25, 2013 at 7:44 am

    I was hoping to get involved – and try the 3 rides intro offer… but i am 6’3″ and 205lbs. Any chance I am close-enough to the 6’1″ max too allow me to try gliding with you on your designated club plane???

    Or – are their certain days when larger gliders available?
    Or – any other place you could recommend? (i live in Waterford, CT and enjoy flying 2 meter rc gliders & planes)

    Thanks in advance for time.
    Best Regards,

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